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Leap Motion kills Kinect !

Better than Kinect, better than a tablet, or a mix of both.

All geeks already love it, probably pre-order it because if its working as well as shown in the following video, this will be THE innovation of the year.

leap motion Leap Motion, deux cent fois plus précis que Kinect ! (et deux fois moins cher)

Leap Motion is a motion sensor with a precision that allows you to interact with PC in three dimensions with simple movements of the hand and fingers.

Accuracy to 100th of a millimeter.

According to its creators, Leap Motion is not a Kinect-like. The sensor technology has a “two-hundred times more accurate than any other device on the market, whatever the cost.”

The size of an iPod, Leap Motion can distinguish the individual movements of the fingers and can draw gestures with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter. It is therefore possible to control your PC using movements, as you would on a touch screen, but here without touching it, or as is done with a Kinect, but much more accurate.

Leap Motion will be available by late 2012 but pre-orders are already open.

Remain seated, I’ve not yet said the price: $ 70.


Ilan Pinto


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