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Olympic Games in London 2012 : Free Wifi in The Tube

Built for the Olympic Games in London 2012, which will start on the 27th of july 2012, 80 metro station from the so called Tube in the capital of England will be fulfilled with the Wifi. Indeed, thanks to Virgin Media, the most important station like Oxford Circus, Victoria and Leicester Square will allow people to use freely the Wifi via their laptop and sellphone. Annonced by Réseaux-Télécoms.net that operation might not be free at the end of the Olympic Games as wanted by Virgin Media.

To my mind that operation might be huge success, indeed a lot of people will gather in the Tube in London for the Olympic Games so that can be useful for them and a huge free promotion campaign thanks to the word of mouth. Then I think that saying that service will not be free anymore at the end of the Olympic Games is too early and it will be better to offer a premium service at a special cost than simply erasing the free access to everyone. Finally, I hope that service will work because it will be a complete failure if its slow or not working because there is too many people connected.

Avner Uzan

Mib 12


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