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Ikea integrates e-commerce in its Connected TV

A new connected TV will emerge. Her name Uppleva and will be sold by IKEA soon lemois of July in some European store and there will be a shopping and online payment.

This application was developed by a German company Connept. Thus the user can directly control a product they see in advertising just by using their remote control. He will press a red button, which triggers the opening of a browser in which he will put his password and confirm the order.

This is interesting since we know that IKEA already has such a special way in the physical layout of its stores. Indeed, a customer enters a store ikea has to follow a particular path.

The aim of all is in the minds of the Swedish firm: offer a all-in-one where the cables and accessories are masked so ergonomic and aesthetic. The entire system is also managed by a single remote.

The TV will Uppleva first launched in France, sweden, italy germany and poland.

Zo Rabenitany


Casino invests € 5 million in the fund Partech

Casino will launch in financing start-up of the digital universe. The distribution group announced in effect giving 5 million euros to Partech, which has already raised $ 100 million for its new fund Partech International VI. Based in Paris and San Francisco, Partech is interested these days in the new Internet services, web to shop, to new forms of online sales and e-marketing. It comes especially to invest in service for booking restaurants in La Fourchette and the optician online sense.

Casino welcome him among its investors will also benefit from the expertise of the group’s trade off and online and better target its e-commerce investments. Casino Cdiscount already owns and has 49% of e-market fashion MonShowroom since last February. Partech’s investment in VI also allows it to monitor more closely the files before potential acquisitions, beyond pure sales companies online.

Zo Rabenitany


Airtime : The new social network a mixture of Facebook and Chatroulette

Created by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, the foundator of Napster, AirTime is the new social network website. Even if a lot of social website are made everyday, AirTime might found its way to the sucess thanks to a good mixture beetween Facebook and Chatroulette. This new website allow visitors to comment in real time Youtube video, to connect with unknown people like Chatroulette. To be connected to Airtime we need to have a Facebook account.

Entering in highly competitive market with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, this new website might encounter a large competition and difficulties to enhance customers’ attemps. Indeed, Airtime is not offering a new innovation but a change and an amelioration to what customers already known. To my mind, that new website will not work as competition is too intense and the services offered by this new website are not as innovative as we can expect in that kind of market.


Avner UZAN


Rolland Garros : Digital racket

Digital introduces itself to the world of sport. Adidas initiated the movement with its F50 connected shoes, at the occasion of the world famous tennis tournament Rolland Garros, the french expert Babolat considered digital innovations that could help tennis players.

And here it is! The Play&Connect. A digital racket with integrated sensors able to record and stock any kind of data on the game of the user. Datas are automatically send wireless to a PC, a tablet or a phone with an app. This app analyses every data to put it in graph. Thus, the player will be able to compare his results and to make his game evoluate. It will also enable him to share his performances with other members of the Babolat community. The racket would be available in the course of 2013 for about 250€.

The world champion Rafael Nadal introduced it the first time in February with his uncle Toni. Here below are his results:

We are going to see digital sports products flourish in the next years. Indeed, athletes are attached to their community and truly interested in enhancing their game. They are looking for those kind of innovations. Connection with the community is really interesting for those who want to beat their rivals!

Zgarage for French start-ups

Nestadio Capital has announced the launch of Zgarage, an accelerator od the developpement of French start-ups. It will allow them to conquere quickly the US market and then, the global one.

In collaboration with Microsoft through its “BizSpark Plus” program, which purpose is to detect innovatives start-ups, Zgarage will help Internet and software start-ups to grow faster. Zgarage will propose a comprehensive package, including back-ups concerning logistic, technic, commercial and legal part. The company will also be in charge of founding American partners and investors.

As Florent de Kersauson, Nestadio Capital CEO, said, “future tricolor digital champions have to develop quickly in the US in order to maintain their edge and to gain global markets. Zgarage represent a real booster for them.”

Start-ups will have to shell out up to $100.000 for 6 to 9 months. This amount will be covered at the end for the winner; Nestadio Capital commits to find an equivalent investment. Eligible companies must have an matchless product or service, that already generates revenues on the markets of the Internet, mobile, cloud computing, social networks or ever softwares. They also must have identified potential partners and customers in the US before entering the program.

This kind of service will be more and more wanted in the next few years because of the digital world’s hostility. Dozens of start-ups that have less than 5 years have to close down business everyday. This could be a good solution when national demand is not enough. Obviously, it is essential to master domestic market before going global.

Written by Noémie Barbier

Second Life: Linden Lab and the Free French Mobile sign agreement

The news had a profound effect this Friday, March 30, 2012 when the American Linden Lab  (creator of the virtual world Second Life) and French Free Mobile (telecommunications operator subsidiary of Iliad) jointly announced the signing of a major agreement that will allow residents to exchange text and voice between them and the real world.

An avatar can send SMS from within Second Life to a recipient of the real world, this is something that may seem improbable, and though you think again! Already in 2008 the company offered free Starfruit this possibility in passing note that the Swiss company also offered paid services trans-worlds. One of these cabins had also been installed in the region Furvata (in the courtyard of the school).

The downside still to this announcement, communications will be paid. But it is precisely this fact which claimed the decision to Linden Lab: Free Mobile is, globally, the cheapest SMS, only € 0.01 per SMS or L $ 3. Sending an SMS will be likely, according to leaks from developers, by a HUD (an attachment that shows prims directly in the GUI).

The other part of the agreement concerns the possibility for a Free Mobile user calling from his mobile a resident of Second Life, provided of course that it is connected. The cost of the call will be borne by the user Free Mobile. And of course, will require that the resident has a telephone number.

But just as a developer Linden Lab, the indicative June 51 was reserved for this purpose. This leaves a million possible combinations. The inclusion of a resident to have a code will be billed by Linden Lab (several tens of L $) and, again from the publisher of Second Life, Residents will be able to redeem or resell their codes. Hence certainly the willingness of some remarkable numbers to acquire and resell at a profit, as, for example, 06 51 12 34 56, 06 51666666, 06 51 05 20 12 etc…

So the business in second life is still a reality… Here I let you watch how it works…

Concerning the Mobile agreement, it’s Leaving only the case where a resident would call the Real World by the 3G network, it has been described as a technical innovation in the study, we will know in a few weeks if possible.

Zo Rabenitany

89% of French people consult online reviews before buying

Many are also to trust their Facebook friends, according to a study Reevoo / GMI Research.

53% of French people were influenced by their friends on Facebook before buying a product, a study reveals GMI Research, conducted for Reevoo, a provider of social commerce software. They are also 89% to see the reviews on the Internet before making a purchase (70% before buying a car), 50% read them before choosing an insurance company and 43% before selecting a bank. The study also claims that the French are only 22% trust the press articles and advertisements before purchasing a product.

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The study was conducted among a representative sample of 5,000 people in five different countries (1000 in each country): France, Britain, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Zo Rabenitany