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Facebook simplifies its mobile payment system

Now I would like to post about Facebook wich  announced  the availability of a new mobile payment system for applications. The fact is it increases from seven to only two the number of steps that a consumer must take to validate the purchase. “Users who want to pay a virtual or digital content in a mobile web application opens the dialog to confirm their purchase and payment,” says Facebook.

The amount will be charged on the invoice from the operator of the customer. Developers who have already integrated mobile payment into their applications will have to change anything to switch to the new system is already available in the U.S. and the UK. Facebook will expand this new device in the world gradually.

This is interresting in the sense that it is less time to make the purchase more than one is tempted to augumenter our purchasing volume.  ” Simplicity and rapitidty  is at the appointment…..even more than in physical life ”

Zo Rabenitany


Apple will sue Samsung

The launch of the Samsung S3 Galaxy on June 21 in the United States may well be challenged by Apple.

A lawyer for the latter has indeed said that Apple might try to block justice by marketing the smartphone. He said Apple thinks to ask for a temporary ban on sale for patent infringement on the iPhone, following a complaint filed last year.

Samsung, which also attacked Apple for similar reasons, has recorded 9 million pre-orders for its new terminal. Pincipal Apple competitor and leading manufacturer of smartphones in the world, Samsung is also the main growth vehicle for Google on mobile with installing Android on their devices.

Ilan Pinto


This Italian concept clearly has an futurist practical side: no more loss of water! use it to grow plants or food altogether and herbs (basil, chives, … !)

The two opposing tanks contain clay balls on top and coconut fibers below, these will act as a regulator of the water environment of the plant in addition to assuming a role of cleaner base of the rack, to be kept clean at all times.

your sinks should ideally be near a window so that light enters in sufficient quantity to make the plant grow.

Really nice, where do we buy it …? For now it is not possible because it is just a concept (Fluidity) but it might give ideas to build one yourself (using a 3D printer).Egouttoir qui récupère l'eau de vaisselle

basilic dans egouttoir

bac a vaisselle


Ilan Pinto


EMILY help me pleaaase!!!

A new lifeguard is now standing on Malibu Beach, California. Pamela has been replace by EMILY (Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard), a robot. For sure less sexy but safer.

Emily sauveteur en mer

The robot is made by the society Hydronalix and costs 10 000 dollars each and can be deployed in rescue missions at sea, waiting for people to be rescued by a boat.

Technical side, EMILY has an autonomy of 100 hours of standby time (4 days) and 518 minutes in patrol mode at a speed of 8 km / h. Its top speed can reach 64 km / h (hard to beat by swimming) and the battery is used in 35 minutes at this speed.

The robot weighs 11.3 kg and measuring 1m37 in length to 40 cm in width and 20 cm thick. E.M.I.L.Y. can carry up to 7 kg of material and more on his back and has a buoyancy of 36 kg.

http://media.nbclosangeles.com/designvideo/embeddedPlayer.swf“>WATCH THIS!!!


Ilan Pinto

Leap Motion kills Kinect !

Better than Kinect, better than a tablet, or a mix of both.

All geeks already love it, probably pre-order it because if its working as well as shown in the following video, this will be THE innovation of the year.

leap motion Leap Motion, deux cent fois plus précis que Kinect ! (et deux fois moins cher)

Leap Motion is a motion sensor with a precision that allows you to interact with PC in three dimensions with simple movements of the hand and fingers.

Accuracy to 100th of a millimeter.

According to its creators, Leap Motion is not a Kinect-like. The sensor technology has a “two-hundred times more accurate than any other device on the market, whatever the cost.”

The size of an iPod, Leap Motion can distinguish the individual movements of the fingers and can draw gestures with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter. It is therefore possible to control your PC using movements, as you would on a touch screen, but here without touching it, or as is done with a Kinect, but much more accurate.

Leap Motion will be available by late 2012 but pre-orders are already open.

Remain seated, I’ve not yet said the price: $ 70.


Ilan Pinto

Gooogle never stops

Google is still looking for growth with the acquisition of Quickoffice suite for smartphone.

quickoffice rachat par google Google se paye la suite bureautique pour smartphones‎ Quickoffice

Quickoffice is well known for its mobile applications able to read and edit any type of document. This is somewhat equivalent to the Microsoft Office suite for smartphones and tablets.

With this acquisition, Google wants obviously improve and complete its Google Apps, and more particularly its office suite widely used in businesses and schools in particular.


We do not always know the amount spent for the acquisition or even what will happen to the mobile applications. The Quickoffice products should be grafted in the suite of Google. Moreover, Google has some Android application “Documents” that should perhaps change with this acquisition.

We should know a little more in the days or weeks.


Ilan Pinto

Olympic Games in London 2012 : Free Wifi in The Tube

Built for the Olympic Games in London 2012, which will start on the 27th of july 2012, 80 metro station from the so called Tube in the capital of England will be fulfilled with the Wifi. Indeed, thanks to Virgin Media, the most important station like Oxford Circus, Victoria and Leicester Square will allow people to use freely the Wifi via their laptop and sellphone. Annonced by Réseaux-Télécoms.net that operation might not be free at the end of the Olympic Games as wanted by Virgin Media.

To my mind that operation might be huge success, indeed a lot of people will gather in the Tube in London for the Olympic Games so that can be useful for them and a huge free promotion campaign thanks to the word of mouth. Then I think that saying that service will not be free anymore at the end of the Olympic Games is too early and it will be better to offer a premium service at a special cost than simply erasing the free access to everyone. Finally, I hope that service will work because it will be a complete failure if its slow or not working because there is too many people connected.

Avner Uzan

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